Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Global Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow I leave with my friend Bart Hackley, to participate as one of fifteen teams of two selected to be circling the globe in the 4th Global Scavenger Hunt. I believe that we will meet more people acting like Gandhi than like terrorists, and as you know I am always up for a challenge and an adventure.

GreatEscape2008: The Global Scavenger Hunt is not just all fun. It's all to raise money for charity, such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF , Habitat for Humanity, conservation efforts ,and charities that provide micro-financing loans to the poorest villages in the world.

The competition for the prize of being crowned the Worlds Greatest Traveler kicks off Friday and once it starts at each destination, teams receive sealed envelopes containing a list of scavenger challenges, travel riddles, cultural clues and cryptic passages, which will may lead us to lost cities, sacred sites, cultural festivals, bustling bazaars, ancient ruins, and exotic eateries .

By the time we return to Hermosa Beach we will have flown, walked, bicycled, boated and ridden camels, elephants, ox-carts, feluccas, dhows or rickshaws over forty thousand miles.

The founder of this event, Bill Chalmers, who created and runs the event with his wife, Pamela, will be blogging the event daily at . So you can follow not just us, but all of the teams doing things we never imagined we'd do in places we'd never imagined we'd be.

If you're feeling like you want to do more than you already do to help make a difference in the world today, please consider donating to the worthy causes our trip supports (it all goes to charity and is 100% deductible. None goes to participants, we're all funding our own expenses.
So, follow the events if you like, I'll also try my hand at an ametuer blog for the first time at .We'll see you in May. Till then, check out Bill's blog, which he's already begun. I hope you all have a wonderful month!

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  1. VARD, Go get em ! but remember to have fun crushing them !! :O )


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